15th Anniversary Celebration – Genuine E-Cigarettes in Jeju

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Genuine Electronic Cigarettes in Jeju Island, South Korea celebrates its 15th anniversary with a series of gratitude events.

According to a report from Newstoday, a South Korean e-cigarette company called “Genuine Electronic Cigarettes” recently held a series of gratitude events on the occasion of its 15th anniversary.

Currently, Genuine electronic cigarettes have 11 directly operated stores in Jeju Island, including the new city center store, and more than 2000 sales outlets nationwide. Genuine electronic cigarettes meet customer demands by exclusively supplying the latest popular products from mainland China, such as the upgraded Hakka Signature product Airlix, J Korea, Cigaman, and Yongtrim. They also prioritize customer safety by conducting recalls and providing free replacements with the safest and newest models whenever there is an issue with product quality.

A representative of genuine electronic cigarettes said, “All of our stores are open year-round to improve customer convenience. Each store has a spacious parking lot for customers’ convenience. We sell exclusive e-cigarette liquids from Jeju Island and are the first to introduce the latest devices. We have a wide range of the newest products.” He added, “We have opened 11 stores in various corners of Jeju Island, becoming the headquarters of Vape Korea. We have launched the most popular e-cigarette liquid brands, Zap Juice and Markisa, thanks to the support of the islanders. This year marks our 15th anniversary, and we hope to show our appreciation for the support and favor we have received over the years through our 15th anniversary commemorative events.”

In this 15th anniversary celebration event, genuine electronic cigarettes will offer a range of promotions, including: receiving a complimentary bottle of e-cigarette liquid for both the referrer and the purchaser when purchasing a device through a friend’s referral; a price promotion on the latest e-cigarette liquid products, starting at 5,000 Korean won; and a 15% point redemption program as a gesture of appreciation.

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