Rampant Increase in Illegal e-Cigarettes Seized in England


The number of illegal e-cigarettes seized in Buckinghamshire has increased by 1202% compared to last year.

According to a report from Bucksherald on October 29th, there has been a significant surge in the seizure of illegal e-cigarettes in Buckinghamshire, England. The authorities have confiscated a total of 6,567 illicit e-cigarettes since the beginning of this year, which marks a staggering increase of almost 1,202% compared to the mere 504 seized in 2022.

According to the latest information obtained by Vape Club, the number of illegal e-cigarettes seized across the UK in the first four months of 2023 has surged sevenfold compared to the total amount seized in the entire year of 2021.

A total of 80,052 illegal e-cigarettes have been seized in the southeast of England this year, making it the second-highest region in the country. In the north of England, specifically in England’s northern region, the number of illegal e-cigarettes seized reaches a total of 80,434, placing it as the highest in the country. Additionally, the southeast of England also tops the list for the highest number of illegal cigarettes seized nationwide, reaching a staggering 25,775. The number of illegal e-cigarettes seized in Berkshire has been steadily increasing year after year, with 6,567 seized in just ten months this year, a significant jump from last year’s total of 504.

Dan Marchant, the director of Vape Club, has expressed concerns about the potential health risks posed by illegal e-cigarettes. He advises the public to steer clear of any dubious retailers and instead purchase from reputable ones to ensure their safety.

The UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA) has called for an increase in fines to at least £10,000, asserting that this would serve as a genuine deterrent.


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