Protect Disposable E-cigarettes and Fruit Flavors: Sign the Petition Today!

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UKVIA urges smokers, e-cigarette users, and industry professionals to petition against UK government banning disposable and fruit-flavored e-cigarettes.

In recent days, the UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA) has made an unprecedented call for smokers, e-cigarette users, and industry stakeholders to unite and launch a petition against the UK government’s plans to ban the sale of disposable e-cigarettes and e-cigarettes with fruit flavors.

The petition is in response to an ongoing public consultation regarding youth e-cigarette usage, which will conclude on December 6th.

The petition highlights the potential adverse public health consequences of legislation that could undermine the effectiveness of e-cigarettes as a smoking cessation tool. It emphasizes that blocking access to fruit-flavored e-cigarettes and disposable options could deter adult smokers from transitioning to e-cigarettes, as these flavors and options are often relied upon by those looking to quit smoking.

UKVIA is actively engaging its members, advocacy groups, and online communities to boycott and participate in the petition. The association is also leveraging social media to increase petition signatures and share testimonials of how e-cigarettes have helped individuals quit smoking.

John Dunne, the General Secretary of the Association, expressed concerns that banning certain e-cigarette products could severely setback public health efforts and emphasized the importance of preventing minors from accessing these products without sacrificing their potential benefits for adult smokers.

The association also warned that a ban could lead to an increase in black market sales, potentially fueling unregulated and hazardous products. The petition aims to provide a platform for adult individuals who have successfully quit smoking through disposable e-cigarettes and fruit-flavored e-cigarettes to have a voice.

The petition initiative is part of the “Save Vaping, Save Lives” campaign and further details can be found on the official website of the UK E-Cigarette Industry Association.

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