Booker Freezes Wholesale Prices, Providing High Profit Opportunities for Retailers

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Booker, the UK’s wholesale giant, announces frozen wholesale prices on over 40 products, aiming to boost retailers’ profits during the festive season.

According to a report by The Grocer, British wholesale giant Booker has decided to freeze the wholesale prices of over 40 products before January 2nd. The company states that this move will help retailers increase their profits during the holiday season, with potential profits reaching up to 49%.

Until January 26th, it will also lower the wholesale prices of market-leading brands such as Lost Mary, Found Mary, ELFBAR, and Ske Crystal in the e-cigarette category. Retailers can now receive a maximum discount of 5% in their consumption and savings plans.

Colm Johnson, the General Manager of Booker Retail, has stated that it is crucial for retailers to rely on Booker to provide the best selection, prices, and service, all while ensuring high profits. He emphasizes the company’s commitment to offering top-quality value to their shoppers and retail partners.

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