PMI’s Costly Decision: Millions Worth of Tobacco Products Forced to be Destroyed

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Philip Morris International (PMI) forced to destroy €5 million worth of products in Finland due to new legislation.

Recently, tobacco giant Philip Morris International (PMI) has been compelled to destroy products worth five million euros due to legislative changes in Finland. The new legislation mandates that all tobacco products sold in Finland must be self-extinguishing.

A large-scale burning of illegal cigarettes occurred at the Ekokem incinerator in Riihimäki, located approximately 70 kilometers north of Helsinki. The Phillip Morris Finland company stated in a press release that this incident resulted in significant economic losses, as 20 million cigarette units were reduced to ashes.

Finland has become the first European country to legally enforce self-extinguishing cigarettes to be sold nationwide. This initiative implies that as of April 1st next year, all other types of cigarette products will be prohibited from being sold in Finland.

The switch to self-extinguishing cigarettes is aimed at reducing the significant number of accidental fires caused by smoking – the primary cause of deadly fires in the country. The most common scenario involves individuals falling asleep while smoking or disposing of a lit cigarette in a trash can. Finnish authorities believe that this measure could save up to 20 lives annually.

Finland has become the first country on the European continent to pass security laws. Similar legislation has already been implemented in most areas of Australia, Canada, and the United States.

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