Manitoba Lung Association Urges Stricter Regulation of E-Cigarettes


Manitoba lung experts call for stricter regulations on e-cigarettes following Quebec’s ban on flavored e-cigarette products.

According to CBC News, after Quebec in Canada introduced a ban on the sale of flavored e-cigarette products this week, lung disease experts in Manitoba are calling on the government to tighten regulations on e-cigarettes.

Neil Johnston, President of the Manitoba Lung Association, has expressed the hope that the new government will conduct a more thorough review of this issue.

This is crucial for the future health of our young people and adults,” says Johnston.

A province-wide ban on e-cigarette products, except for tobacco flavors, has been implemented in Quebec. The health minister of Quebec stated that the purpose of the ban is to reduce the number of young people smoking, as they are often drawn by a variety of flavors.

Johnstone stated his support for Quebec’s ban and expressed his desire for Manitoba province to follow suit promptly.

This is meaningful for our province,” said Johnston. The proposed solutions to the controversy include raising the age for purchasing e-cigarettes and implementing more education programs, which measures might help reduce the number of teenagers smoking.

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