LOST MARY Launches Next-Gen Disposable E-Cigarette in Europe


LOST MARY unveils new flagship disposable e-cigarette, BM600S, in Europe with 8 new flavors and 600 puffs.

According to a press release from US News Agency on October 25th, LOST MARY has launched the BM600S in Europe, touting it as the next generation of their flagship line of disposable e-cigarettes. The LOST MARY BM600S made its debut in the United Kingdom in August 2023. It is expected that this product will also be released in other European markets in the coming months. The BM600S comes equipped with eight new flavors, offering users the option of up to 600 puffs.

LOST MARY Launches Next-Gen Disposable E-Cigarette in Europe
Product Image | Image Source: PRNewswire

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