ANVISA Plans Public Consultation for E-Cigarette Regulations in Brazil


Brazil’s National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) plans to conduct public consultations on e-cigarettes by the end of the year, as part of a policy revision.

According to a report by Poder 360 on October 26th, Antonio Barra Torres, Director of Brazil’s National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA), announced that the agency plans to hold a public consultation on the issue of e-cigarettes before the end of this year. This is part of their efforts to revise policies concerning the e-cigarette industry.

In an interview, Torres mentioned, “We always prioritize the public interest and strive to improve efficiency in our work as much as possible. Our next plan is to open up public consultations.” He emphasized, “Consultations must allow enough time for broad public participation and should aim to complete this phase of work by the end of the current year.

Meanwhile, Congress has introduced legislation regarding e-cigarette regulations. During a public hearing held by the Social Affairs Committee on September 28th, proponents argued that a ban on the use of e-cigarettes would increase consumer risks, thus calling for regulation instead. On the other hand, opponents vehemently asserted that e-cigarettes increase the likelihood of individuals experimenting with traditional cigarettes and reiterated the health hazards associated with their usage.

Torres stated that the work of the Senate will not expedite the ANVISA approval process.

“No matter what happens, our work must be rooted in science,” he said.

Torres reminded that the Brazilian National Health Surveillance Agency had banned e-cigarettes back in 2009. The agency’s latest resolution, unanimously passed since July 2022, maintains the prohibition on the sale of these products.

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