Vapitaly has successfully concluded. IECIE brings insights into the Italian market!

Vapitaly 2023 has successfully concluded in Verona today. The exhibition covered the international market and attracted 10,219 visitors and enthusiasts over the course of the three-day event.

The 2023 edition of Vapitaly focused on commercialization and foreign participation, with foreign exhibitors accounting for approximately 40% of the total. As Vapitaly established a partnership with IECIE , IECIE specifically selected Vapitaly as the only European stop for its global tour, participating in pre-show services, setup, and in-and-post-show promotion.

Italy, being an important EU country, is a region where vaping culture thrives. Vapitaly has become a crucial bridge for promoting the local and European e-cigarette trade. The expo featured 148 exhibitors (an increase of over 30% from last year) showcasing over 250 brands. Additionally, over 10,000 people engaged in the event through social media, with over 500 Instagram Stories and approximately 20 live broadcasts reaching 300,000 users.

Insights from the Expo

Similar to many countries, most local distributors in Italy import vaping devices and produce their own e-liquids and flavorings. The popular models of mainstream brands such as Geekvape, Vaporesso, Voopoo, Aspire, and others are still dominant among the local open-system brands.

Major distributors in the region, such as Vapeitalia, have more than a dozen physical stores and numerous partner stores. Furthermore, they also engage in online sales. They primarily focus on selling mods and pod mods, as they also have their own e-liquid brand called BLAQ.

They have quietly launched disposable vape devices online, such as Elfbar, IWIK, Lik Bar, Vaporart, Geekbar, and more. Local tobacco shops not only offer traditional tobacco but also feature many disposable brands like RELX, VEEV, Juul, Lost Mary, Blu, Elfbar, and others.

The exhibition showcased several new disposable e-cigarette brands from Europe, including brands from Italy itself, as well as Spain, the UK, Dubai in the Middle East, and Croatia. Many distributors and attendees actively sought information and tried disposable e-cigarettes at the exhibition.


The Italian disposable brand LEM mentioned that they were established last year and only offer disposable products. They believe that disposables are a new trend and that any product type can find its market space. The Spanish brand Bibbo expressed their desire to find suitable local partners at the exhibition for distributing their products. The locally popular e-cigarette brand KIWI also unveiled their disposable e-cigarette brand “IWIK” at this exhibition.


There were two manufacturers specializing in e-cigarette vending machines present at the exhibition. These machines can be customized for customers and incorporate features such as fingerprint recognition and ID card insertion to ensure that consumers purchasing nicotine-containing e-liquids are over 18 years old. These vending machines are mainly used in local European e-cigarette shops and pharmacies.


Handcrafted high-vapor accessories made in Italy were also highly popular at the exhibition. Examples include handcrafted leather device cases and colorful atomizer tank accessories. These artisanal booths attracted a large number of enthusiasts.

“Vapitaly has successfully achieved its goals of internationalization and commercialization,” said Mosè Giacomello, the President of Vapitaly. “The market is continuously growing, and the presence of foreign exhibitors is clear evidence. We have witnessed the arrival of many businesses, enthusiasts, and industry stakeholders. We are proud to contribute to the recovery of the entire industry and to serve as a showcase for Italy on the global stage. We are preparing for the B2B event in Rome on November 4th and 5th. Stay tuned.”

The successful organization of Vapitaly marks the first successful collaboration between IECIE and Vapitaly. IECIE will continue to support Chinese vape industry in going global, leading more e-cigarette brands to explore overseas business opportunities.

The IECIE Expo in Jakarta will be held from August 3rd to 5th. Join IECIE in expanding into the Southeast Asian market!

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