The pre-registration of JIExpo for spectators is officially open! Unlock the Southeast Asian market together with IECIE!

After the success of last year’s IECIE Jakarta debut, IECIE has been busy preparing for the 2023 Jakarta expo!

Hosted by BOWEN Creative Exhibition (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., the 2023 IECIE E-cigarette Exhibition, Jakarta Station, will be held on August 3-5, 2023 at the Jakarta International Exhibition Center!

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We sincerely invite distributors and brands to join IECIE in continuing to expand the Southeast Asian market!

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1  JIExpo Profile 

On October 20, 2022, BOWEN Creative Exhibition (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. affiliated with Informa Group and PT Pamerinda Indonesia jointly held the 2022 IECIE International Electronic Cigarette Industry Expo at the Jakarta International Expo Center in Indonesia. The exhibition had a display area of 8,000㎡ and featured 150 participating brands. It attracted 6,931 electronic cigarette wholesalers, distributors, and international buyers from 49 countries and regions.

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Display involves disposables, open/closed pod systems,atomizers,mod kits,heat-not-burn device,heat-not-burn sticks,herb-sticks,e-liquids,OEM/ODM/brand,heating system and heat-resistant materials(ceramics/meddle heaters), flavors and fragrances,media promotion.

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In August of this year, IECIE will continue to focus on the Southeast Asian market, with an expected exhibition scale of 12,000 square meters+ and 120 exhibitors, attracting more than 12,000 e-cigarette wholesalers, distributors and international buyers, facilitating the rapid expansion of Southeast Asian distribution channels and networks for companies looking to expand overseas. This will help to enhance brand international influence and accelerate the development of the Southeast Asian and global markets.


2  Market Overview 

01 Relatively open and stable policies in Indonesia

Currently, global e-cigarette policies are becoming stricter, and many countries and regions prohibit the promotion, sales and import/export of e-cigarettes. Indonesia is a relatively open and stable country in the Southeast Asian region in terms of policy, and this is very important. Indonesia does not prohibit the promotion, imports and sales of e-cigarettes, and flavored e-liquids are prevalent. Although there are high tariffs, a stable policy environment is undoubtedly a necessary condition for investment and expanding into the Southeast Asian market, and a critical factor.

02 A large number of potential consumers

As the world’s ninth-largest tobacco-consuming country, Indonesia has a huge potential consumer base for tobacco. Garindra Kartasasmita, the Secretary-General of the Indonesian E-Cigarette Entrepreneurs Association, mentioned in his keynote speech at 2022 IECIE Vape Show Indonesia that the e-cigarette market in Indonesia has been growing at a rate of 50% per year since 2013, and the proportion of e-cigarette has been soaring. The public’s acceptance of e-cigarettes is high, and the steam culture is popular among local vapers. Community-based events are held frequently in Indonesian communities. Although there’s a large gap between rich and poor in indonesian society with complex consumer groups, these characteristics provide brand with abundant choices of product types, positioning, and marketing.

03 Industrial chain transfer and Southeast Asian export trade

Indonesia, known as the “country with thousand islands,” has a population of 280 million , which is populous. This is one of the advantages of e-cigarette production transfer to Indonesia, which is conducive to the development of the e-cigarette industry, making it easier to integrate and sale. Currently, only a small number of top e-cigarette brands have set up factories locally, and the corresponding supply chain factories have not caught up. The industrial chain transfer is still in its early stage, but the trend has already been formed. In the future, it will be easier to sell e-cigarettes locally in Indonesia and export them to other Southeast Asian countries, gradually developing and expanding to global markets.


3  Successful Cases 

IECIE Vape Show Jakarta 2023 will continue to connect exhibitors and professional buyers, focus on the B2B channel, and help Chinese brands go abroad to promote foreign trade opportunities! The following are successful cases of exhibitors at the 2022-2023 IECIE Vape Show Jakarta! We look forward to more brands joining IECIE’s Southeast Asian journey!

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Exhibitor logos will continue to be updated…

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