Increased Theft of E-Cigarettes in Texas Raises Concerns


Recently, there has been an increase in e-cigarette thefts in the Nederland area of Texas, and authorities believe that these items will be sold on the streets.

According to recent reports from Panews, there has been a rise in theft cases involving e-cigarettes in the Nederland area of Texas, with authorities suspecting that these stolen goods will be sold on the streets. Gary Porter, the Chief of Police in Nederland, stated that there have been approximately three such theft incidents in recent times.


According to the report, the suspects involved in the crime were identified as young African American males. They entered the store and left without making any payment, taking with them an e-cigarette containing tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the compound in cannabis that produces a stimulating effect.


According to Port, the suspect’s identity has yet to be determined. Authorities are concerned that these stolen e-cigarettes may be sold to local underage students.


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