Announcement: 2023 Guangdong Province E-cigarette Quality Supervision and Inspection Plan


The Guangdong Tobacco Monopoly Bureau has released the “2023 Guangdong Province e-cigarette product quality supervision plan” to strengthen quality control.

Announcement by the Guangdong Provincial Tobacco Monopoly Bureau Regarding the Release of the ‘2023 Second Half of Guangdong Province E-cigarette Product Quality Supervision Sampling Plan’


To implement normalized market supervision measures and strengthen the quality supervision spot checks of e-cigarette products, and effectively fulfill the responsibilities of quality supervision of e-cigarette products, the Guangdong Provincial Tobacco Monopoly Bureau has formulated the “2023 Second Half of the Year E-cigarette Product Quality Supervision Spot Check Plan in Guangdong Province” in accordance with the provisions of the notice “National Tobacco Monopoly Bureau on Issuing the Three Documents including the Implementation Rules for Quality Supervision Spot Checks of E-cigarette Products” (National Tobacco Office [2022] No. 59), which is now being announced.


Guangdong Provincial Tobacco Monopoly Bureau.


October 24, 2023.


In the second half of 2023, e-cigarette products in Guangdong Province.


Quality Supervision Sampling Program


The term “质量监督抽查方案” translates to “Quality Supervision Sampling Program” in standard journalistic English.


Sampling method


In a random sampling manner, 85 smoking devices of each specification were selected, along with compatible pods, that meet a minimum of 135 grams of aerosol. The samples were divided into inspection samples and backup samples, with the inspection samples sent to the testing institution responsible for the inspection task. The backup samples were temporarily stored at the sampling organization and used as needed for random inspections. The sampling form can be found in Appendix 1.


Inspection items and methods


3. Determination rules


3.1 According to the standard.


The GB 41700 e-cigarette, a popular electronic smoking device, has gained significant attention in recent times.


3.2 Determination Principle


After examination, it was found that all the items being examined met the standard requirements, and therefore the randomly selected products have been determined to be qualified. However, if any of the items being examined fail to meet the standard requirements, the randomly selected products will be deemed as unqualified.


4. Provision


This scheme is applicable for the quality supervision random inspection of e-cigarette products in Guangdong Province in the second half of 2023.


Appendix 1: E-cigarette Product Sampling Form.


Appendix 2: Testing methods for e-cigarette aerosol additives.


Appendix 1.


Table 1: Sample List of E-cigarette Products


(Applicable to the separate or combined sales of tobacco products and pods)


Sampled Unit (Stamped): Sample Unit (Stamped):


Journalist: The person in charge: The sampling person.


Table 2 E-cigarette product sampling form


(Applicable to disposable e-cigarette products)


Sampled Unit (official seal): Sampling Unit (official seal):


Interviewer: Interviewee:


Appendix 2


Testing methods for e-cigarette aerosol additives


Analysis of Esters Compounds and D-Limonene in E-Cigarette Aerosol: Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Method (Q/CTQTC122-2021)


Analysis of Alcohols in E-Cigarette Vapor Additives Using Gas Chromatography” (Q/CTQTC124-2021).


Measurement of Tea Polyphenols in E-Cigarette Vapor Additives (Q/CTQTC125-2021)


Determining the levels of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in e-cigarette aerosol additives using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (Q/CTQTC121-2021).


Analysis of Aldehyde and Ketone Compounds in E-cigarette Aerosol Additives using Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry” (Q/CTQTC123-2021).


Analysis of e-cigarette aerosol additives including eugenol, maltol, ethyl maltol, vanillin, and ethylvanillin by high-performance liquid chromatography” (Q/CTQTC126-2021).


E-cigarette aerosol additives determination of volatile fatty acids (acetic acid, propionic acid, butyric acid, and 2-methylbutyric acid) by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (Q/CTQTC127-2021).


Ruble depreciation leads to order cancellations.


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