Western Australia “Fresh Air” Campaign Raises Awareness of E-cigarette Dangers


Western Australia’s Cancer Council has launched a new e-cigarette prevention campaign “Fresh Air” to educate youth on the health risks.

According to a report by Miragenews on October 25th, a new e-cigarette prevention campaign called “Fresh Air” has been launched by the Cancer Council WA in Western Australia. The campaign primarily aims to educate young people about the health consequences of using e-cigarettes.

The Western Australian government has provided a funding of $375,000 for this project, enabling the Cancer Council Western Australia to undertake further development and promotion.

The “Fresh Air” campaign focuses on raising awareness among teenagers aged 14 to 24 about the hidden dangers behind the seemingly delicious fruit flavors in e-cigarettes. Research has revealed that e-cigarettes enjoy a higher level of social acceptance among this age group, and their flavors and taste make them more attractive compared to traditional cigarettes.

These advertisements will be broadcasted through various channels such as social media, streaming services, and mobile applications, directing people to visit the “Fresh Air” campaign website for more information and tips on quitting smoking.

Western Australia’s Health Minister, Amber-Jade Sanderson, has highlighted that e-cigarettes not only contain various toxic substances, including nicotine but their appealing design specifically targets young people. “The likelihood of individuals who use e-cigarettes transitioning to smoking is nearly three times higher. Therefore, it is imperative that we take all necessary measures to safeguard the health of our youth,” Sanderson emphasized.

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