Wales Government Allocates Funds to Crack Down on Illegal E-Cigarettes

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Wales local government cracks down on illegal e-cigarettes, providing funds to tackle the issue and protect consumers.

Recently, according to a report by the South Wales Argus, the local government in Wales, United Kingdom, is set to intensify its efforts to tackle the issue of illicit tobacco products. It is currently providing funding to the Welsh Trading Standards to aid in addressing the problem of illegal e-cigarettes in Wales.

During a recent operation, authorities seized over 840,000 illicit cigarettes and more than 400 kilograms of illegal hand-rolled tobacco. These contraband tobacco products were confiscated from commercial establishments in Wales.

Officials of the Trading Standards Agency in Wales will employ various strategies, including covert test purchases, canine searches, intelligent data collection, and customs inspections, to ensure the swift and effective removal of illegal and potentially hazardous products from store shelves.

Lynne Neagle, Deputy Minister for Mental Health and Wellbeing, has stated that this measure will assist consumers in avoiding the harm caused by these products and safeguard legitimate businesses in Wales.

She further stated, “These products are not only being illegally sold to children, but some of them may also be harmful to their health, with excessive levels of dangerous chemicals and harmful metals such as lead.” According to her findings, “Illegal e-cigarettes are associated with crime and exploitation of children. The key is to strengthen law enforcement efforts to reduce children’s access to these products and prevent them from being abused.

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