Vietnam Launches Comprehensive Campaign to Combat Smoking Through Competitions and Educational Initiatives

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Vietnamese medical and education departments in Yen Bai province are conducting extensive anti-smoking campaigns, including knowledge competitions and media presentations. According to Vietnamese media outlet VHO, the health and education departments in the province of Yen Bai, Vietnam, have been carrying out anti-smoking campaigns to raise awareness about tobacco laws through competitions.

On December 9th, the Department of Health in Yian Province held the 2023 Anti-Smoking Knowledge Competition in Yian City. Deputy Governor of Yian Province, Bui Dinh Long, attended and provided guidance for the competition, demonstrating the provincial government’s commitment to anti-smoking efforts.

Recently, the Youth Union and the Ministry of Education, along with other related departments, organized a media lecture on “Say No to Tobacco, E-cigarettes, and New Addictive Substances” at Nguyen Duy Trinh High School in Yen An Province. During the event, experts shared the dangers and risks associated with smoking, and raised awareness among students about anti-smoking laws.

Experts and students have also engaged in discussions and exchanges on how to enhance collaboration between teams, schools, and families to prevent students from falling into societal issues related to early smoking and e-cigarette usage. The aim is to promptly gather information and identify students who are engaging in early smoking and e-cigarette usage in order to take proactive preventive measures and timely interventions.
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