Vapemas: The Rising Trend of Using Disposable E-Cigarettes for Christmas Decorations

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UK Mirror: A growing trend in the UK sees more people choosing empty disposable e-cigarettes as Christmas decorations, sparking concerns of potential fire hazards.

According to a report from The Mirror, an increasing number of British people are abandoning traditional Christmas decorations and opting instead to use empty disposable e-cigarettes as ornaments.

Vapemas: Trend of Using Disposable E-cigarettes for Christmas Decor
Source of the image: TIKTOK

The original Holy Mother Mary has been replaced by a blueberry-flavored Lost Mary, and the elves on the shelf have been transformed into watermelon popsicle-flavored ELFBARs. This trend, known as Vapemas, has gained significant attention on TikTok, attracting a curious audience. Some individuals even express their love for this creative twist.

Despite the uniqueness of this idea, experts are concerned that this trend may have potential deadly consequences. E-cigarette expert Stuart Stevenson warns that this trend could lead to fires.

These videos showcase unique ways of repurposing disposable devices, but they fail to mention the potential fire hazards,” Stevenson said.

Therefore, this could potentially be the last year for Britons to use disposable e-cigarette adornments, as the government is considering a ban on these accessories. Environmental charities have long been advocating for this prohibition, arguing that disposable e-cigarettes have become a symbol of “throwaway culture.

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