Urgent Need for Tighter E-Cigarette Regulations in Wales

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Welsh Public Health Agency calls for stricter tobacco-style restrictions on e-cigarettes in response to smoking and youth smoking.

Public Health Wales (PHW) has called for stricter tobacco-style regulations on e-cigarettes, emphasizing that they should adhere to the same regulations as traditional tobacco products in terms of marketing, packaging, and display. The organization has voiced strong support for raising the legal age limit for tobacco sales in the UK, as well as advocating for a complete ban on disposable e-cigarettes due to their association with the increasing rates of smoking among children and adolescents, as well as the harm they pose to the environment.

The Welsh Public Health Agency has expressed concerns about the rising trend of e-cigarette use among non-smokers, particularly among children and adolescents, and emphasized the need to ensure that products are not marketed in a way that attracts young people.

Dr. Julie Bishop, Director of the Health Improvement Department at Public Health Wales, has stated the organization’s support for taking strong action to raise the age limit for tobacco sales in the UK, as well as introducing new regulations on the marketing and sale of e-cigarettes, bringing them in line with traditional tobacco products. She emphasized that e-cigarettes should be stored behind the counter and that action should be taken to restrict the flavors of e-cigarettes that are particularly appealing to teenagers.

The UK government launched a consultation on “Creating a Smoke-Free Next Generation and Tackling Youth Smoking” on October 12, 2024, and has expressed its intention to introduce legislation within the current parliamentary term to combat smoking and youth smoking.

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