Unwrapping VOOPOO’s Xmas Surprise: A Year of Vape Reviews and Holiday Cheers

Unwrapping VOOPOO’s Xmas Surprise: A Year of Vape Reviews and Holiday Cheers


Today, we received a wicked Xmas gift box from VOOPOO, and trust me, it’s a total treat! Inside, there’s a Christmas card with “Merry Christmas” from VOOPOO, a cool scarf rocking their slogan, “Spark Your Life, GO XMAS”, a 2024 calendar, and 3 magnetic Xmas stickers featuring a jolly Santa. It’s the perfect pick-me-up in this chilly weather!

Now, let’s take a trip down memory lane and revisit the VOOPOO gear we’ve checked out this year. We’ve had our hands on a bunch of their products, so I’m gonna give you a quick rundown on a couple of them.

  1. VOOPOO Argus P1s: A sleek Cyberpunk-inspired pod system with a fast-charging 800mAh battery, offering MTL and DL vaping. Read more.
  2. VOOPOO Drag H40: A compact device that offers a balance of portability and performance, ideal for vapers seeking a versatile experience. Read more.
  3. VOOPOO Drag M100s Kit: This kit combines sleek design and high-quality performance, suitable for vapers looking for a balance between style and function. Read more.
  4. VOOPOO Argus Pod SE 18W Kit: Easy to use and efficient, this pod system is great for beginners. Read more.
  5. VOOPOO Argus G Pod: A quality pod known for its stylish design and functional performance. Read more.
  6. VOOPOO Doric Q Pod System Kit: A straightforward and efficient pod system kit, well-suited for all types of vapers. Read more.
  7. VOOPOO Argus GT II Mod & UForce L Tank: A powerful mod and tank combo that delivers excellent performance for the more experienced vaper. Read more.
  8. VOOPOO Vinci 3 Mod Pod Kit: Versatile and high-quality, this kit is well-regarded for its comprehensive vaping experience. Read more.
  9. VOOPOO XZOVOO Co-Branded Release: Showcases innovative design and technology in a collaborative effort pushing vaping industry boundaries. Read more.
  10. VOOPOO Vmate Pro: High-performance device catering to vapers seeking a sophisticated experience. Read more.
  11. VOOPOO VMATE Pro (New Pod Device): Features enhanced portability and a 3ml capacity, perfect for on-the-go vaping. Read more.
  12. VOOPOO Drag X2: An update to the classic Drag series, it offers refined features for a quality vaping experience. Read more.
  13. VOOPOO Drag S2: Continues the Drag series’ legacy with updated features for a premium vaping experience. Read more.
  14. VOOPOO New Drag X2 and Drag S2: These launches exceed expectations with the PnP-X platform, offering a versatile vaping experience. Read more.

For the full breakdown on each product, you’d need to check out the individual reviews on vape.hk. They’ve got all the juicy details you need.

Lastly, I just wanna give a shoutout to VOOPOO. Here’s to hoping they continue to innovate and create top-notch vaping devices in the future. They’ve already made a massive impact in the vape world, and I’m stoked to see what they come up with next to satisfy vapers globally.

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