Unexpected Sighting: Nun Seen Exiting a Vape Shop

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A nun’s surprising visit to an e-cigarette store in Quebec has caused quite a stir on social media after a video of the incident went viral.

The nun, dressed in a black robe and blue habit, was caught on TikTok leaving a smoke shop and looked around cautiously as she stepped out. The video, shared by user Nadia Martyniuk (@mnadia17), has garnered over 331,600 views as of Thursday.

Comments on social media express shock and amusement at the unusual sight, with some users jokingly referring to it as “unholy.” There has been speculation about whether the nun actually purchased e-cigarette products at the store.

This incident has sparked discussion about nuns using substances unrelated to their religious practices, with some mentioning the “Sisters of the Valley” in California, an organization known for cultivating marijuana and running a CBD company.

The nun’s visit to the e-cigarette store has raised eyebrows and led to a mix of astonishment, humor, and curiosity among social media users.

1. Newsletter: ‘Holy smokes’: Nun spotted leaving vape store

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