UK Advertising Standards Bans Misleading E-Cigarette Recycling Ads: What You Need to Know

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ELFBAR’s e-cigarette recycling ad has been banned by the UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) for being misleading. British media reports indicate that the advertisement, featuring messages such as “Recycling for a Green Future” and recycling symbols, has been displayed on buses and digital billboards. Several companies, including Imperial Tobacco, lodged complaints with the ASA, claiming that the disposal of disposable e-cigarettes is not as straightforward as depicted.

ELFBAR has clarified that the recycling process is carried out in collaboration with a professional lithium-ion battery and e-cigarette recycling firm, and the products are then handed over to certified recycling organizations in the UK.

The Advertising Standards Authority has concluded that these advertisements give the impression that ELFBAR products are “widely recyclable,” when in reality, they can only be recycled through designated ELFBAR recycling bins. Furthermore, they found that ELFBAR’s recyclable e-cigarette does not have a smaller environmental impact than other e-cigarette products, which means the claim of “Green for the future” could potentially mislead consumers.

ELFBAR has stated that they have taken steps to ensure stricter self-regulation in their advertising and marketing, and they abide by the guidelines set by the ASA. They have also outlined plans to establish a closed-loop recycling system by 2025.

Despite the ban by the ASA, ELFBAR remains committed to their “green consciousness” recycling initiative and making it easier for adults to responsibly dispose of disposable e-cigarettes.

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