Two Teens Arrested for Sending THC E-Cigarettes Near Elementary School

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Two US teenagers arrested for allegedly mailing THC e-cigarettes to a residence near an elementary school.

According to a Yahoo News report on November 20th, two American teenagers have been arrested for allegedly mailing a tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) e-cigarette to a residence near an elementary school.

The authorities in Hall County have announced that they have been notified by the United States Postal Service about a shipment of THC being sent to an address approximately 1000 feet away from Oakwood Elementary School. Investigators have subsequently coordinated with officials from the US Postal Service to retain the package and arrange for its delivery at a specific time on Wednesday.

When the package was delivered, officers observed 17-year-old Pablo Manuel Jimenez receiving the package from postal workers. Subsequently, he and 18-year-old Karl Kristopher Kmeck Showen placed the package into the trunk of a parked car outside.

Investigators subsequently intervened and arrested the two teenagers. Upon opening the package, officials discovered 490 THC oil pods and 2.5 pounds of marijuana, along with a scale, packed in multiple bags. Additionally, more than 30 THC e-cigarettes were found at the residence of Mr. Hemenes.

Authorities have also accused Shawn of possessing marijuana with the intention to distribute, resulting in juvenile delinquency and marijuana possession.

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