Turkish Authorities Conduct Operation Against Illegal Tobacco Trade and Organized Crime

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Police in Turkey seized a large amount of smuggled tobacco and arrested five suspects in an operation.

According to a report from Turkish media outlet “TECHEDEN News” on December 27th, the local office of illegal transactions and organized crime conducted a raid on five businesses involved in the sale of smuggled tobacco.

During the process of apprehension, the police discovered 320,600 empty cigarette tubes with counterfeit tax stamps, 22,500 cigarette papers, 2,230 packaged cigarettes, 296 bottles of e-liquid for e-cigarettes, 50 e-cigarettes, 25 kilograms of waterpipe tobacco, 16 kilograms of pre-cut tobacco, cigarette-making machines, and compressors. Additionally, five suspects have been detained.

Local authorities conducted a thorough inspection of a suspicious vehicle at a checkpoint, revealing the discovery of 30 firearm components and an unlicensed handgun. Subsequently, two suspects were apprehended.

Currently, the prosecution of the detained suspect has been initiated.

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