Topson Marks 20th Anniversary as Parent Company of ELUX, Aims for Top 100 Global Ranking

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Topson, the parent company of the popular e-cigarette brand ELUX, recently celebrated its 20th anniversary in Shenzhen, unveiling new products in the process. The event, held on November 23, was attended by channel partners from various countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Russia, United Arab Emirates, and the Philippines.

Topson, founded in Shenzhen in 2003, initially focused on consumer electronics, such as headphones, data cables, and card readers. In 2011, the company expanded and relocated to Dongguan, initiating a new phase of development. In 2013, Topson established itself as a specialist in the e-cigarette business and gradually transitioned from being a production outsourcing factory to a company that integrates production and branding.

Recognizing the potential of the e-cigarette market, Topson’s Chairman, Tan Zhenghui, made the strategic decision to shift the company’s focus from consumer electronics to the e-cigarette sector. Two prominent brands, ELUX and FIREROSE, were established in 2017, with ELUX gaining recognition in over 30 countries and regions worldwide.

Furthermore, Tang Zhenghui expressed pride in the company’s investment in Hongfu E-liquid, a leading provider of e-liquid, and mentioned plans for expanding production bases in various regions to meet market demands more efficiently.

In terms of environmental responsibility, Topson is collaborating with UK environmental company Green Wing on an eco-friendly project for e-cigarettes, set to launch in 2022. The company has also obtained waste recycling and export licenses in the United Kingdom, as well as a garbage import license in Indonesia, demonstrating its commitment to environmental protection.

Tan Zhenghui concluded the celebration by expressing his hopes for the company’s future, aiming for greater success in the global market and aspiring for ELUX to be among the top 100 companies worldwide.

The company’s dedication to innovation, environmental responsibility, and global expansion demonstrates its commitment to the development of the e-cigarette industry.
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