Thailand’s Booming Recreational Cannabis Industry Raises Regulatory Concerns

Unregulated Growth of Thailand's Recreational Cannabis Industry and Regulatory Concerns
Thailand’s unregulated recreational cannabis industry sees uncertain future as government drafts regulations. Debates arise on medical use restrictions.

According to a report by Infobae, the leisure marijuana industry in Thailand is experiencing unregulated growth. The government is currently drafting regulations to address this issue, but remains skeptical about permitting its use for medical marijuana purposes.

Asia International Cannabis Expo and Forum kicked off today in Bangkok. Several experts are questioning whether the ban on recreational marijuana is beneficial for the growing cannabis industry.

Since the lifting of the ban on the cultivation and sale of marijuana by the government on June 9, 2023, over 8,000 recreational marijuana distribution stores have opened nationwide, making Thailand the first country in Asia to legalize marijuana. The current Prime Minister, Srettha Thavisin, had previously pledged to restrict marijuana to medicinal use only, but his alliance includes the Bhumjaithai party, which played a significant role in the legalization push last year.

While the future of recreational marijuana remains uncertain, the Ministry of Health has announced that this month it will propose a draft bill to regulate the industry.

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