Thai Authorities Detain Suspect for Unlawful Trading of E-Cigarettes

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Thai police arrested Mr. Jenkij after seizing 70,000 e-cigarette devices worth over 10 million Thai Baht in a raid.

According to a report from Thailand’s National Online on December 14th, on that same day, the Chief of the Thai Narcotics Suppression Bureau, Pol.Lt.Gen.Witthaya Sriprasertphap, ordered a series of consecutive raids on multiple apartments. Subsequently, they arrested a 32-year-old named Mr. Jenkij.

The operation began with the illegal sale of e-cigarettes and e-liquids on a Facebook page. Prior to purchasing e-cigarettes, the police examined the financial trail and found that the operation had a fund flow exceeding 100 million Thai Baht. After investigating the transportation routes and locations where the illegally concealed e-cigarette products were stored, they identified the storage site and conducted a search.

During the search, a total of 70,000 e-cigarette devices were discovered, with an estimated value exceeding 10 million Thai baht.

Therefore, the police have accused Mr. Jenkij of violating the provisions of the Thailand Consumer Protection Commission Order No. 9/2558 of 2015, which prohibits the sale or provision of e-cigarettes and e-liquids. They have also informed the Ministry of Commerce’s statement, which categorizes e-cigarettes and e-liquids as goods that are not allowed to be imported into the kingdom (2014).

They confiscated the seized items and handed them over to investigators for legal proceedings.

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