Teenagers Convicted for Robbery in Russia due to Lack of Funds for E-Cigarettes


Three Russian teenagers were found guilty of robbing a seller after luring them to a store for an e-cigarette purchase.

According to the Russian news outlet Bnkomi, three underage Russian boys have been found guilty of robbery after luring a seller into a store and committing the act due to their inability to afford e-cigarette devices. They have been convicted under Section 2, subparagraph “a” of Chapter 161 of the Russian Criminal Code, which pertains to robbery committed by a conspiring premeditated group.

According to the ruling, three teenagers from Boryatia decided to try e-cigarettes. However, due to financial constraints, they resorted to theft of electronic devices. These teenagers came across an advertisement on a social network selling two e-cigarettes for 4500 rubles and agreed to meet the seller at a store in Boryatia.

During the meeting, one teenager examined the e-cigarette brought by the seller, while the other two teenagers diverted his attention by asking about the device’s technical features, cost, and payment procedures. Taking advantage of the seller’s focus on his accomplices’ inquiries, the first teenager fled with the unpaid merchandise.

The Baochao City Court has ruled that underage individuals who have committed criminal acts will be sentenced to nine months of restricted freedom.

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