Teenage Boy Collapses in School Toilet After Vaping Marijuana

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A minor in Croatia collapses in school after using a THC and HHC-infused e-cigarette, prompting police investigation.

According to a report from Index.hr, today (January 2, 2024), a drug-related case involving a minor unfolded in Croatia. A young boy from the eastern part of Croatia collapsed in a school restroom after using an e-cigarette containing THC and HHC, substances derived from marijuana. Fortunately, he was discovered by a school administrator and promptly received medical attention.

This case has caught the attention of the Croatian police, who have conducted an investigation and found that the e-cigarette in possession of the underage individual was supplied by two 18-year-old teenagers. Consequently, the authorities have pressed criminal charges of illegal production and trafficking of drugs against these two youths. They have since been transferred to the Vukovar-Srijem detention facility in Croatia.

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