Tchaomegot: Transforming Cigarette Butts into Practical Products


French startup Tchaomegot converts cigarette butts into practical items and partners with 230 collection partners to address environmental concerns.

According to a report by Merahputih news, the French startup Tchaomegot has launched a cigarette butt recycling initiative. They are transforming cigarette butts into functional items such as warm jackets and eco-friendly residential insulation materials.

According to statistics, a staggering 13.7 billion cigarette butts are discarded globally every day, and this has become a severe environmental issue in France. Tchaomegot is committed to cleaning up cigarette butts from the streets of French cities and educating smokers to refrain from littering. They carefully collect and sort the discarded cigarette butts, recycling them, and utilizing innovative technology to remove harmful chemicals present in the filters.

Tchaomegot has already collaborated with 230 cigarette butt collection partners, the majority of which are located in northern France.

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