Study Shows Nicotine Pouches Cannot Relieve Nicotine Addiction

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A new study from The Ohio State University finds that nicotine pouches are not effective in curbing cravings.

A recent study by the Comprehensive Cancer Center and Tobacco Research Center at Ohio State University has revealed that nicotine pouches, a product claimed to be a substitute for tobacco leaves, are not effective in alleviating nicotine addiction among smokers.

This study has been published in the medical journal “Addiction.” The study collected data from 30 active adult smokers from the Appalachian community in Ohio. It observed the changes in nicotine levels in their blood during three different phases: smoking, and using nicotine pouches containing either 3mg or 6mg of nicotine.

A research team has found that current smokers have higher nicotine levels in their bloodstream and experience more noticeable relief from smoking addiction symptoms, compared to those using low-dose and high-dose nicotine pouches.

According to lead author Keller Hamilton, the peak level of nicotine in the bloodstream can be detected approximately five minutes after smoking.

For nicotine pouches, like other smokeless tobacco products, it is a gradual process that typically takes 30 minutes to an hour to achieve optimal effects, and the decline in nicotine levels is also gradual, with nicotine pouches seeing a slower decline in nicotine levels.

She stated that, for individuals already addicted to nicotine, smoking is more enticing for satisfying immediate cravings than using nicotine pouches.

Keller says, “Nicotine addiction is a very real problem for many people, with most current smokers expressing a desire to quit but often failing due to the difficulty of quitting and maintaining it in the long term.

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