South Korean Partron’s Performance Expected to Improve with Diversified Business

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South Korean Partron’s camera module sales expected to decrease due to Samsung’s weak smartphone sales, but diversification predicted to improve performance next year.

According to a report from South Korean daily.hankooki, Korean stock market analyst Kim Young-moon has pointed out that the sales of camera modules by Partron, a Korean company, will decline due to the sluggish sales of Samsung Electronics’ smartphones. However, he also predicts that next year Partron’s performance will improve through diversifying their business.

KB Securities analyst Li Changmin also pointed out that “it is expected that Partron’s sales next year will be 13.4 trillion Korean won, with an operating profit of 64.6 billion Korean won, which represents an increase of 18% and 32% respectively compared to this year. The e-cigarette OEM business achieved sales of 44.3 billion Korean won last year, and it is expected to increase to 130.2 billion Korean won next year, thanks to an increase in shipping volume and the expansion of exclusive supply of new products. Therefore, the sales of automotive electronic components are also expected to achieve significant growth due to increased demand and product line expansion.

The company anticipates improved performance next year due to its diversified business, including e-cigarettes and automotive components.

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