South Korea Adds 5 New Drugs to Designated List, Including Synthetic Marijuana and LSD

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South Korea has officially identified and classified four synthetic marijuana series and one LSD series, totaling five substances, as new types of drugs. Customs at Incheon International Airport have successfully intercepted five new types of domestically imported drugs in the past two years that have altered the existing chemical structure of illicit substances and possess similar effects but are not regulated by law. In June of this year, customs authorities confirmed through meticulous analysis that e-cigarette liquid smuggled into the country from Vietnam contained ‘MDMB-INACA,’ a compound resembling synthetic marijuana.

In the following two years, customs authorities have discovered four types of synthetic marijuana series with hallucinogenic effects and high addictive potential (‘MDMB-INACA’, ‘ADB-INACA’, ‘5C-MDA-19’, ‘ADB-FUBIATA’), as well as one type of LSD series (‘1V-LSD’) which is known to cause severe physical and psychological dependence after misuse.

Customs has submitted a request to the South Korean Food and Drug Safety Agency to designate these new types of drugs as controlled substances. Recently, the Food and Drug Safety Agency has officially designated these substances as new types of drugs.

After the designation of these new drugs, Incheon Airport Customs has successfully identified 35 cases of crimes related to the new drugs, including 17 cases of the new drug ‘ADB-FUBIATA,’ 13 cases of ‘MDMB-INACA,’ 3 cases of ‘ADB-INACA,’ 1 case of ‘1V-LSD,’ and 1 case of ‘5C-MDA-19’.

Customs officials at Incheon Airport stated that they will collaborate closely with relevant departments to prevent the domestic entry of drugs, ensuring social security and safeguarding public health. Customs will also take the strictest measures to combat criminal activities involving new types of drugs.
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