Smoore International’s Main Client Relationship with Huabao Not Confirmed

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Huabao Shares has clarified that Smoore International is not listed as the company’s main client, in response to an inquiry on an investor interaction platform. The company released this statement on December 4th, denying any official affiliation with Smoore International.

The clarification comes amidst speculation about the business relationship between the two companies. Huabao Group (300741.SZ) confirmed that Smoore International is currently not included among its main clients, putting an end to the rumors.

The denial provides clarity and puts to rest any misconceptions about the nature of the business ties between Huabao Shares and Smoore International.

This development is significant for both companies and their stakeholders, as it sets the record straight regarding their business associations.

The clarification from Huabao Shares comes as a reassurance to its investors and the market at large, dispelling any ambiguity about its key business partnerships.

The statement serves to underline the importance of accurate and transparent communication from companies, especially in matters pertaining to business relationships and partnerships.

This clarification is a testament to the company’s commitment to maintaining transparency and providing accurate information to its stakeholders.

Overall, this announcement clears the air about the business links between Huabao Shares and Smoore International, reaffirming the company’s position in the market.

The move underscores the significance of transparent communication and sets a positive precedent for corporate disclosure in the industry.
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