Scottish Government Contemplates Prohibiting Single-Use E-Cigarettes

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According to a recent Scottish government report, nearly a quarter of e-cigarette users are underage, prompting discussions on a potential ban.

According to a recent government report released in Scotland, 14% of e-cigarette users are under the age of 16, with an additional 14% falling in the 18 years and below age group. This indicates that nearly a quarter of e-cigarette consumers are minors.

The report also reveals that last year, Scotland consumed and disposed of 26 million e-cigarettes, with an estimated 10% of the waste being littered and over half of the waste being mishandled.

In a speech delivered to the Scottish Parliament, Chief Minister Humza Yousaf announced in early September that his government will consider a ban on disposable e-cigarettes.

I am pleased to announce that the current government will engage in discussions concerning the regulation of the sale of disposable e-cigarettes, including deliberations on a complete ban.

However, John Dunne, the General Secretary of the British E-cigarette Industry Association, disagrees with the idea of a complete ban on e-cigarettes.

He noted that e-cigarettes have had a remarkable impact on adult smokers, effectively curbing their smoking habits.

Deng En further believes that prohibiting e-cigarettes could lead to a black market, therefore the government should primarily focus on stricter licensing measures to prevent suppliers from selling e-cigarettes to children.


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