Schoolboy Hospitalized After Using E-Cigarette at 12 Years Old

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12-year-old boy admitted to hospital after suffering health problems from smoking e-cigarette during break time at Möser Middle School.

According to a report from German media volksstimme on December 11th, a 12-year-old boy fell ill after smoking an e-cigarette during break time at Möser Middle School. He eventually had to be taken to the hospital.

Möser Middle School was recently exposed during a joint operation involving the police and emergency personnel after a 12-year-old boy experienced significant health issues following the use of an e-cigarette. It has been reported that on that day, a 14-year-old boy brought an e-cigarette to school, which attracted several classmates to try it during their break time.

The outcome for this 12-year-old boy is far from promising. Unable to withstand the effects of an e-cigarette, despite repeatedly vomiting, his condition did not improve. As a last resort, school authorities had no choice but to send him to the hospital.

Currently, it is known that the parents involved have received a notification from the school authorities and have personally arrived at the school. This information was obtained from the school’s press conference.

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