Russian Government Consider Hiking Import Tax on E-Cigarettes to Boost Domestic Sales

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Russia’s government customs and tariff group supports raising the import tax on e-cigarettes from 0% to 5%.

According to a report from the Russian news agency TASS on December 13th, the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia (MED) has revealed to TASS that the Russian government’s Customs and Tariffs Regulations Committee supports raising the import tax rate on e-cigarettes from 0% to 5%. This proposal will be submitted to the Eurasian Economic Commission.

According to reports, the Russian Ministry of Finance is said to be in favor of a proposal to increase the import tariff on reusable e-cigarettes from 0% to 5%. This decision aims to strike a balance between these products and the import tariffs on disposable electronic devices.

The Ministry of Economic Development has taken note that the Russian Federation Audit Chamber had previously put forward relevant recommendations, adding, “The proposal will also be soon sent to the Eurasian Economic Commission for further study.”

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