Russian Expert Warns of High Cardiac Risk Associated with E-cigarettes

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E-cigarette use increases cardiovascular disease risk, raises the chance of heart attacks and strokes by 56% and 33% respectively, warns Russian expert.

According to recent news from A42.RU, Dr. Aleksey Alekseyevichkov, head of cardiology at Kuzbass, Russia, and a candidate for medical science, has stated that e-cigarettes are extremely harmful, including a significant increase in the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

He emphasized that e-cigarettes are more likely to cause heart disease and stroke compared to regular cigarettes, with users facing a 56% increased risk of heart attacks and a one-third increased risk of stroke.

According to Alekseyevko, e-cigarette use can lead to the loss of elasticity in blood vessel walls, affecting oxygen supply and making users more prone to symptoms such as irregular heartbeat, chest pain, and rapid heart rate. Additionally, toxic substances produced by e-cigarettes can increase the risk of blood clotting and arterial hardening, with higher risk observed among women.

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