Revolutionary Filter Solutions for the Marijuana Industry with Cannatrona

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Filtrona’s new venture, Cannatrona, aims to provide filter solutions for the expanding cannabis market, supporting industry growth and innovation.

According to a report by Tobaccoreporter, filter manufacturing company Filtrona has announced the launch of Cannatrona, a specialized solution aimed at catering to the rapidly expanding cannabis market.

Cannatrona will offer filter tips, mouthpieces, and pre-rolling services, with a commitment to supporting the scientific development of the cannabis industry.

Robert Pye, CEO of Filtrona, has stated that Cannatrona will become a reliable partner in the cannabis industry, bringing about transformation in terms of quality, innovation, brand development, and compliance.

“Cannatrona is not only launching its products, but also bringing expertise and innovation, promising a bright future for cannabis innovators,” said Pye.

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