Revocation of Probation for Using Methoxyflurane-infused Vape Pods

Revocation of Probation for Using Methoxyflurane-containing Electronic Pods
Chen was sentenced to one year in prison for using a second-class psychotropic drug, following the revocation of probation.

According to the Prosecutorial Daily on December 5th, Chen, from Yancheng, Jiangsu, had his probation revoked for using the Schedule II psychotropic drug, ethylphenidate. He was sentenced to one year imprisonment to carry out the original sentence.

In September, Mr. Chen purchased four electronic pods containing ethylmethylphenidate through WeChat. Considering he was on probation and hesitant to consume them, he kept the electronic pods hidden at home. On October 1st, the National Medical Products Administration, Ministry of Public Security, and National Health Commission officially included ethylmethylphenidate in the second category of psychotropic drugs. Consequently, Mr. Chen wanted to dispose of these electronic pods as soon as possible.

On the early morning of October 7th, Chen secretly consumed a portion of ethylmethylphenidate electronic pod, thinking he could get away with it. However, he was caught by the police and subsequently detained for 10 days. On October 11th, the Judicial Bureau of Tinghu District proposed to revoke Chen’s probation to the Binhai County Court, and the relevant documents were transferred to the Procuratorate of Tinghu District. The Procuratorate conducted an investigation and verification, and after reviewing the case, concluded that Chen’s actions met the conditions for revoking probation. They agreed with the proposal from the Judicial Bureau of Tinghu District to revoke Chen’s probation.

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