Revise Zoning Rules for Tobacco and Vape Retailers: Proposed Amendment

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Slatington City Council in Pennsylvania proposes a zoning ordinance to restrict tobacco and e-cigarette stores within the city.

According to a report by Tnonline, the City Council of Slattington, Pennsylvania has proposed amending an additional zoning ordinance pertaining to tobacco, smoke, and e-cigarette shops in the city.

During a public meeting, the Brownie Squadron in Slayington presented a recommendation to the city council members, urging them to enact this legislation.

Speaker of the House Naomi Winch has stated that these businesses will bypass family-friendly stores and promote unhealthy habits.

This new regulation will require that tobacco and e-cigarette shops be located only in industrial areas, at least 1500 feet away from schools, churches, libraries, public parks, medical or health facilities, child care facilities, or residential areas. Additionally, the regulation will enforce a mandatory distance of at least 1500 feet between other tobacco or e-cigarette shops.

The city council unanimously voted to pass this ordinance.

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