Recent Crackdown on Illegal E-cigarette Shops in Hanoi by Authorities

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Recently, the market management team in Hanoi inspected four e-cigarette stores, confiscating a total of 118 e-cigarettes worth 9.84 million Vietnamese dong.

In recent days, according to a report by Baomoi, the first team of Hanoi Market Management has conducted a series of inspections in four e-cigarette shops.

A shop located at 17 Nguyen Giap Street, in Hanoi’s Toda District, was found to be operating as a family business without having registered under the regulations of the Home Business Law. During the inspection, the market management team temporarily confiscated 118 e-cigarettes, with a total value of 9.84 million Vietnamese dong, as they were deemed to be illegally traded goods.

Continuing their inspection of a shop located at 18 Wanyouyu Street, District Nguyen Du in Hanoi, the market regulatory team has temporarily confiscated 127 bottles of e-cigarette liquid and disposable e-cigarettes, with a total value of 28.33 million Vietnamese dong, as the shop was found to be selling these products in violation of regulations. The shop holds a valid business registration certificate.

The inspection team has confirmed that this shop was fined by the Market Management Team Five on January 4, 2023, for smuggling. The shop located at 6A Lane 121, Commerce Building, East Da District in Hanoi was investigated again, and subsequently temporarily confiscated illegally imported e-cigarette flavors and disposable e-cigarette products with a total value of 39.97 billion Vietnamese dong.

Here, the Market Management First Brigade has temporarily seized 10,020 illicit e-cigarette products.

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