Proposed Ban on Disposable E-cigarettes in French Parliament

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French National Assembly to discuss proposal to ban disposable e-cigarettes starting early December, supported by various groups.

According to a report from the French news agency, AFP, on November 14th, the French National Assembly will begin discussions on a proposal to ban disposable e-cigarettes in early December.

In November 2022, members of the Ecological Party (partito ecologico) Francesca Pasquini and Michel Lauzzana from the Renaissance Party (partito rinascimentale) submitted this proposal, which garnered widespread support from the public.

They criticize the unacceptable effects of disposable e-cigarettes on public health, particularly on adolescents, as well as the harm they cause to the environment.

The meeting of the National Assembly leaders has decided on Tuesday to include this plan in the agenda of the next “parliamentary week” – expected to take place between December 4th and 8th.

Earlier, French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne also called for a ban on products containing nicotine levels between 0 and 20 milligrams/milliliter, which can be consumed for a certain number of times in the future.

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