Potential E-cigarette Related Severe Hemoptysis Lands Man in Hospital: What to Know

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A man in Brasília has been hospitalized for a month due to severe coughing up blood symptoms believed to be caused by long-term e-cigarette use.

According to a report by Brazilian media outlet DM, a man has been hospitalized for a month in Brasília due to severe symptoms of hemoptysis, which is the presence of blood in coughed-up mucus. Doctors suspect that this condition may be a result of long-term use of e-cigarettes.

The man had been using e-cigarettes for the past three months, which is prohibited for sale in Brazil. However, a month ago, he started coughing up blood, making him realize the need for medical attention. In an interview with TV Globo, he stated, “Every day my symptoms were getting worse. I visited a private pulmonary doctor who conducted numerous tests but found no problems.

As a result, the doctor advised him to go home. However, his symptoms did not disappear, so he went to the emergency room at the North Wing Regional Hospital. He reported that one day he coughed up 600 milliliters of blood.

Since 2009, Brazil has implemented a regulation that prohibits the sale, import, and promotion of electronic vaping devices, including accessories and pods. The Brazilian National Health Surveillance Agency (Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária) has launched a public consultation on December 12th to decide whether to lift the ban on e-cigarettes. The consultation will last until February 9th, providing 60 days for public participation.

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