Possible Delay in US Menthol Cigarettes Ban until 2024

US Potential Delay on Menthol Cigarettes Ban to 2024

The long-awaited ban on menthol cigarettes may be delayed until 2024, according to anonymous officials from public health organizations. According to a report by NBC News, officials from two national public health organizations dedicated to removing menthol cigarettes from the market have expressed that the ban may not be announced by the end of this year, but instead, it could be delayed until 2024. These two officials requested anonymity to discuss this decision before any official announcement from the Biden administration. They hinted that this delay could be announced as early as next week. Officials from the public health organization express concerns that the ban may be postponed until next year, or even delayed until after the November presidential elections. One official expressed deep concerns, stating that the ban may not be implemented before the 2024 elections. The White House declined to comment. For more information, you can visit NBC’s article [1].
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