Portuguese Parliament Urgently Approves EU Tobacco Directive

Portuguese Parliament Approves EU Tobacco Directive in Urgent Decision

Portuguese Parliament Approves EU Tobacco Directive in Urgent Decision

The Portuguese parliamentary tobacco working group has approved the incorporation of the European Union’s tobacco directive into national legislation, according to a report by Lusa on November 28th. This decision is urgent for Portugal to ensure compliance with EU regulations.

The parliamentary vote focused on the equalization of regulations for e-cigarettes and traditional cigarettes under the new tobacco legislation. Additionally, all controversial amendments, including those banning the sale and smoking of cigarettes near schools, gas stations, or certain covered terraces, were removed from the government bill.

Maria Antónia Almeida Santos, the member of the today’s Health Committee voting group, stated that the vote was solely on the conversion of the EU tobacco directive as it is deemed an urgent requirement.

She expressed, “Before the parliament dissolves, we are striving to reach an agreement on this matter to ensure compliance with EU directives.”

Santos further added that for now, other issues related to health promotion and tobacco product sales will be left for future discussions. Following today’s decision, the new tobacco legislation will be presented to parliament for a final vote this week.

[1] Transposition of European smoking directive into Portuguese legislation approved by Parliament

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