Police in Bilecik Successfully Crack down on Tobacco Smuggling

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Turkish police successfully crack down on tobacco smuggling, seizing a large quantity of illicit goods in Bilecik.

According to a report by IHA on January 3rd, Turkish Bilecik police have successfully cracked down on a cigarette smuggling case, seizing a significant amount of tobacco and other smuggled goods.

The operation, called “SIS-2,” was carried out by personnel from the KOM branch of the Bilecik Public Security Bureau to counter tobacco and its products smuggling. During two separate operations conducted simultaneously, searches were conducted at the suspects’ residences, vehicles, and on their persons, resulting in the discovery of a large quantity of contraband.

In the operation, the police seized a total of one unregistered handgun, 26,160 tobacco-filled paper rolls, 30 packs of smuggled cigarettes, 180 smuggled cigars, 17 e-cigarettes, 3.2 kilograms of smuggled tea leaves, and 14 packs of pipe charcoal. During the operation, a total of five individuals were detained and a legal investigation was initiated against them.

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