Peruvian Police Dress as Santa Claus to Catch Drug Dealers

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Peruvian police dressed as Santa Claus successfully busted a small drug trafficking group, seizing hundreds of bags of drugs.

On December 23, according to the Peruvian National Police, disguised as Santa Claus, the Peruvian police successfully dismantled a small-scale drug trafficking group called “Evil Reindeer” in a suburb 70 kilometers north of the capital, Lima. Two suspects were arrested, and hundreds of bags of marijuana and cocaine were seized.

Peruvian National Police officer Walter Palomino stated that dressing up as Santa Claus is safer when operating in some dangerous neighborhoods. Palomino said:

This strategy has been hugely successful, and the ‘evil reindeer’ should now spend Christmas behind bars.

According to a report, Peru is situated in the so-called “Silver Triangle”, a region in South America known for drug production. The local police frequently conduct undercover operations during special holidays to crack down on drug trafficking. On Halloween, October 31st of this year, disguised Peruvian police officers successfully apprehended two drug dealers. Similarly, during Christmas last year, police officers in Lima dressed up as Santa Claus and elves to blend into areas with high crime rates and managed to arrest four drug traffickers.

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