New Study Finds Genetic Predisposition and Cancer Risk in Cannabis Addiction

Cannabis Addiction Study Reveals Genetic Predisposition and Cancer Risk
Yale University-led study finds genetic predisposition to cannabis addiction and increased risk of lung cancer. Over one million patients worldwide included in research.

A study led by Yale University has found a genetic predisposition to cannabis addiction, with individuals suffering from cannabis addiction being at a higher risk of developing lung cancer. The research, which analyzed data from over one million patients across four continents, has been published in the journal Nature Genetics.

Genetics professor Joel Gelernter stated, “The idea behind this study is that as marijuana use becomes increasingly lenient, it is important to understand the risks associated with addiction-related dysfunctions in order to develop drug therapies to address this issue.”

Known negative health impacts of marijuana addiction include: over one-third of marijuana addicts are more susceptible to becoming dependent compared to non-addicts. Over one-third of marijuana users experience addiction and negative health effects. These consequences include impaired cognitive function, diminished productivity, and increased risk of accidents while under the influence. The genetic analysis included data from 154,365 individuals, with 886,256 from Europe, 123,208 from Africa, 38,289 biracial individuals from the United States, and 6,843 from Asia.

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