Man Caught Using E-Cigarette with Illegal Substance on Train

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A man was caught using an e-cigarette containing illegal substance on a train in Guangzhou, China.

According to a report by China News Network on January 3, the Guangzhou railway police recently successfully apprehended a man who was using an e-cigarette containing ethyl methylphenidate in the train restroom. The individual has been subjected to administrative penalties as per the law.

According to reports, this incident occurred on the Z111 train running between Ganzhou and Shaoguan East. A man was found lying in the restroom by the train police, using an e-cigarette alone. He appeared to be in a dazed state and showed no reaction to the sudden arrival of the police. After being woken up and questioned by the authorities, the man admitted to the fact that the e-cigarette contained the illegal substance ethyl methylamino cyclohexane. The train police then took the man to the police station at Guangzhou Station for further processing.

After undergoing urine drug testing, a man named Ma (pseudonym), 21 years old, unemployed, and holder of a standing ticket from Ganzhou to Shaoguan East, was confirmed to have tested positive for methamphetamine in his urine. Furthermore, he fully admitted to his illegal actions. According to Ma’s recollection, he engaged in the use of an e-cigarette containing methamphetamine in the bathroom only after his phone became unusable. He also stated that he was well aware that methamphetamine had been officially classified as a narcotic and psychoactive drug, but still succumbed to impulsiveness and tried it a couple of times, ultimately being apprehended by the police. Currently, the Guangzhou Railway Police have lawfully punished Ma and confiscated his e-cigarette device and related items.

Since October 1, 2023, the use of methoxyflurane has officially been included in the list of anesthetic and psychotropic drugs. Any illegal activities such as use, smuggling, trafficking, transportation, or manufacturing involving methoxyflurane will be treated as a drug-related crime and prosecuted according to the law.

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