Latest Analysis of Top E-Cigarette Brands and Prices in the UK: A Comprehensive Consultancy Report

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The UK government website recently released a report on the most popular e-cigarette brands and their average prices. According to the report, in 2022, the most popular disposable e-cigarette brand among young people in the UK is ELFBAR, priced at around £5. On the other hand, the price of ELFBAR’s cartridge-based products is approximately £8.

The report also mentions the average selling price of different product categories in the UK market. The average price of disposable e-cigarettes is £6, while pod system kits have an average price of £12. Open-system devices have the highest average selling price at £40.

In addition, according to the updated trade data from the General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China, the average export unit price of e-cigarettes to the UK in October 2023 is $40.33 per kilogram, representing a month-on-month increase of 1.62% and a year-on-year decrease of 18.65%. The average price of “e-cigarettes and similar personal electronic vaporizers” is £3.8 per unit.

The report provides valuable insight into the e-cigarette market in the UK, shedding light on the popularity and pricing of different e-cigarette brands and products.
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