Largest Vape Tech Company Pledges to Stop Doing Business with Brands Making Vapes that Appeal to Children

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SMOORE, the world’s largest international vaping technology and manufacturing company, has responded to the UK legislative consultation by taking a firm stand against the appeal of vaping products to minors. The company has pledged to no longer collaborate with brands that use flavor names, packaging, or product designs that target children and adolescents.

As the UK government’s consultation on e-cigarettes, focusing on addressing youth vaping, comes to a close, SMOORE has made it clear that it will not work with brands using flavor names like “cotton candy,” “gummy bear,” “watermelon bubblegum,” and “blueberry popsicle.” The company also aims to eliminate stealth products that could be concealed in a teenager’s pencil case and product designs resembling toys, soft drinks, or cartoon characters.

Rex Zhang, Strategy Director at SMOORE, emphasized the importance of the vape industry staying focused on the adult smoking market and eradicating deadly cigarettes. The company has taken proactive measures including creating a vape flavor detection squad to monitor the market for new flavors appealing to minors. Additionally, SMOORE has instructed its umbrella companies to undergo a thorough review to ensure that their products do not attract children, and it will refuse to work with brand owners failing to meet these high standards.

SMOORE is urging other companies in the industry to follow suit and commit to preventing young people from vaping. The company emphasized the need for unity in the industry to tackle youth vaping. It also called for more standardization of product sizes and shapes to aid in recycling and proposed random sampling of disposable vapes and pre-filled pods for compliance.

The move by SMOORE is not only in line with the UK’s fair and proportionate regulation of the vape industry but also aims to secure a smoke-free generation. The company is committed to motivating compliant brands and producers while punishing offenders. It believes that a strict yet open marketplace will incentivize more innovations, such as its own recent FEELM2.0 innovation, which offers consumers more value and environmentally friendly features.

SMOORE has released a non-exhaustive list of flavors identified as child-friendly and has encouraged enquiries from the media. The company’s commitment to protecting minors from the dangers of vaping is evident in its proactive measures and firm stance against products that appeal to youth.
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